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Site Map of Digital Eye Chart. An affordable digital eye chart solution
Home page: http://www.digitaleyechart.com
What is it: http://www.digitaleyechart.com/what.htm
Pricing: http://www.digitaleyechart.com/cost.htm
Program Features: http://www.digitaleyechart.com/features.html
--->Standard Chart-Letters
--->Standard Chart-Numbers
--->Standard Chart-Pictures
--->Standard Chart-Tumbling E's
--->Standard Chart-Rollings C's
--->Vertical Chart
--->Red/Green Chart
--->Isolate One Row
--->Isolate One Letter
--->Toggle Rows-multiple rows
--->Mask selected rows with dark background
--->Select three row groupings
--->One click darken chart
--->One click randomize
--->Other charts
--->Slide show of education, promotions, and entertainment
--->Configuration/calibration assistant
--->Contrast Sensitivity Chart
--->Large Variable Acuity Single Optotype
--->New Menu Style
--->Hotkey list
--->6 meter (6/6 based charts) support
--->Animated fixation dot
Frequently Asked Questions: http://www.digitaleyechart.com/faq.htm
System Requirements: http://www.digitaleyechart.com/system.htm
Demonstration Version Request: http://www.digitaleyechart.com/signup.htm
First Installation: http://www.digitaleyechart.com/vdjhwy.htm
Special Events: http://www.digitaleyechart.com/events.htm
--->July 21, 2006 in office demo Jackson Wyoming
Offices Installed: http://www.digitaleyechart.com/offices.htm
--->Mesquite Eye Associates, Karl Kutch, O.D.
--->The Vision Center of Jackson, Bonnie Kovacs, O.D.
Product Brochure(pdf): http://www.digitaleyechart.com/DEC_flier.pdf
Product User's Guide(pdf): http://www.digitaleyechart.com/GettingStarted-es.pdf
Product Quickstart Guide(pdf): http://www.digitaleyechart.com/QuickStartCheatSheet.pdf



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