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FIVE reasons to choose our Radio Frequency Wireless Remote Control.

  1. No aiming! RF remotes are omni directional and not affected by line of sight obstacles. Use it anywhere in the examination room without aiming at the receiver.
  2. Fewer buttons -- but all the buttons you need for all of the functions for the current chart. Easy navigation to the other charts.
  3. Less expensive. If you lose or damage one a new one is about $25 and is available at your local office store.
  4. Enter numbers in your Electronic Medical Records with the same remote.
  5. On screen cheat sheet available. We have carefully chosen the locations of the functions so you'll soon remember the ones you use.

Photos show use of control setting on any convenient horizontal surface or holding in your hand. As with our hot keys the most used keys are placed most conveniently. Use the remote or "hot keys" to control a single monitor computer configuration if your computer does not support dual monitors. A convenient help screen shown below changes to show key meanings for the current chart.

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